Review policy

PLEASE NOTE ~ My review policy is currently undergoing an update ~  please contact me! 
eternallybooks [at] gmail [dot] com

Authors & publishers

If you would like me to review your book please contact me at: eternallybooks [at]  I will respond to all requests and aim to answer all emails within 48 hours.

I read mainly the following genres:

- Paranormal romance
- Urban fantasy
- YA ~ with paranormal elements
- I will consider anything in related genres including dark fantasy, steampunk, SciFi romance, paranormal erotica.etc
- I am always willing to consider new genres!

I will consider both newly published and older books.  I accept ARCs and ebooks as well as standard books.   I will consider self-published authors.

I will not (can not?) read a series book out of order, so if your book is not the first in a series (or stand alone) please either provide the previous books in the series or contact me to see if I've already read them.

If you have a particular date you would like any review posting by (e.g. to tie in with the release date etc) please ensure I know about this in advance!

Acceptance of a book to review does not guarantee a categorically positive review, all books are reviewed by me honestly and receive the same treatment whether I buy them, get them from the library or author, or they are an ARC.

I will post my review on Goodreads as well as my blog, and usually Amazon, also to Smashwords if listed there.  If you would like it posting elsewhere too please let me know.

I will never sell any ARCs or give them away without prior consent.

I reserve the right to refuse requests if necessary.

Please note that I'm in the UK.

Interviews & contests, blog tours, guest posts etc

If you are interested in getting me to host a giveaway contest, do an author interview, guest post or other book related promotions please contact me.
All books are reviewed and purchased by me personally (or borrowed from the library) unless specified otherwise.  I state the source all books in all reviews.  All books receive the same honest review treatment irrespective of the source.

I am an affiliate of Amazon, the Book Depository and Smashwords.  If books are purchased via my links I will receive a small commission which will go towards funding future giveaways on my blog
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