Thursday, 15 November 2012

UK v US Cover ~ Blue Diablo

How important is the cover of a book to you?

I'm sure I notice them more because I often see a book I like and go off to buy it, only to find the version I get had a totally different cover. I'm in the UK just in case the blog post title didn't give it away! So I thought I'd start up a feature on comparing UK and US covers (might bring in ones from elsewhere too if it takes my fancy!) (Quick disclaimer, I know this is not original but I can't remember where I've seen it so can't credit!)

This week I am taking a look at Unholy Ghosts the first book in the Downside Ghosts series by Stacia Kane. I recently read my copy which has been on my bookshelf forever, when I went to Goodreads I struggled to find my UK edition, well it doesn't exactly look like the other one now does it!!

US cover on the left and UK cover on the right!

Which do you prefer??


Wow, talk about the cover of a book looking different!!! This is why it fascinates me so much the different covers a book has in different markets!  I talk here about the US and the UK covers but often there are different covers in Europe or Australia etc too. If the book title wasn't on the two covers for Blue Diablo I don't think I'd even realise they were for the same book or anything like the same book!!

I like the US cover but it is nothing spectacular, it's like many great covers we see on similar books. I like the casual pose of the model but her power is belayed by the look on her face and the background to the cover.

The UK cover suggests a much darker book somehow to me. The deep colours and the tattoo on her arm seem to indicate the story will be dark in places and intriguing. I really like the UK cover as it seems mysterious in many ways.

Overall I think the UK cover just has the edge for me here.

What about you?????

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  1. i love to look at covers! sometimes i buy books because of covers alone! lol i see US and UK covers for Sookie Stackhouse books and some other authors but i live in the Philippines more often they're from US unless i buy books online, that way i can choose.

    btw, i like the UK's yes i like mysterious covers!


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