Monday, 30 April 2012

Blog Design Offer

Blog Design Offer!

I will shortly be launching my NEW blog design! I have loved doing it A LOT and have decided to extend a fantastic offer. 

(If you are reading this paragraph I have not uploaded my design yet - the internet gremlins are still making me play around with it to make it perfect!)

EDIT - I now have my two guinea pigs - sorry volunteers!!

I will be launching design services soon! 


Would you like a new blog design free?

I'm looking for a volunteer or two please! I'm offering a blog design makeover custom done for free in exchange for you being a case study on my new blog design blog & posting a feature on me doing so on your blog.

Open to Blogger blogs only at this time (sorry - I do work with wordpress already so if you are interested......)

The only cost to you will be if you want stock images & vectors or scrapbooks kits etc used - this is up to you.

I've discovered I LOVE designing blogs!!!!!! 
My own new blog desgn will be live VERY soon. 

Either email me via my contact page or via Goodreads

I look forward to hearing from you. This is a first come first served offer.

2 places filled!

Looking forward to working with Cassandra and Cami. 


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