Thursday, 26 April 2012

UK v US Cover: Lover Reborn

How important is the cover of a book to you?

I'm sure I notice them more because I often see a book I like and go off to buy it, only to find the version I get had a totally different cover. I'm in the UK just in case the blog post title didn't give it away! So I thought I'd start up a feature on comparing UK and US covers (might bring in ones from elsewhere too if it takes my fancy!) (Quick disclaimer, I know this is not original but I can't remember where I've seen it so can't credit!)

A classic example of covers being different is the Black Dagger Brotherhood series! The 10th book in the (excellent) series is recently out but which cover do you prefer?

US left UK right

Which do you prefer? Why?


In this instance I like the UK cover best, I prefer the colours :-) It definitely looks more like it would appeal in a UK bookshop, don't ask me why it just does! I've often preferred the US covers for previous books in the series!

I'd love to know what you think. Also do you think it's right that the same cover is not sused worldwide?


  1. I honestly don't understand the difference between book covers. I think they both look appealing. There must be some kind of reason behind it, right?

  2. They're both pretty good. I like the colors used in the UK version better, but I like the composition of the US one more. The UK version is a little too busy for me. So I guess my vote goes to the US version.


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