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Review: "Succubus in the City" By Nina Harper

Title: Succubus in the City
Author: Nina Harper
Series: Succubus #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Del Ray
Published: 25 March 2008
Source of my copy: I purchased it.

 About the book (from Goodreads)


Working for Satan is a hot gig. The Devil really does wear Prada, and Lily can sport all the dazzling fashion she desires, eat all the fabulous food she craves, and hang for all eternity with her three demon girlfriends. But serving up bad boys to the fiery pits of Hell is just getting . . . lonely.

Lily gives the jerks, the creeps, and the liars the best (and last) night of their lives, but she’s tired of waking up to a pile of ashes. She wants a guy who will stick around. 


Nathan Coleman is a devilishly handsome, laid-back P.I. who wants to ask Lily a few questions about a missing man. But someone–or something–wants Lily and her friends dead, and Nathan seems to know more than he’ll admit to. Can a sweet-talking mortal and a girl from Hell find true love?


My review

Have you ever wondered what Sex and the City would have been like if all the ladies were demons serving Satan? Read Succubus in the City where the four friends are all demons in Martha's inner circle who lead modern New York lives while delivering their prey to hell.

Martha? That's Satan at the moment, previously known by other names. Very useful for getting into all the best places in the City.

The central character is Lily, a three thousand year old Babylonian Priestess who is getting sick of only ever having lust. She craves love, problem is she'll turn him to dust unless he pleases her first, makes finding Mr Right difficult. The clause in her contact with Martha/Saturn allows her to leave service if she can find a man who truly loves her and knows what she is. Not exactly an easy task!

Enter Nathan, could he be the one? The plot takes us through twists and turns is he or not. If he is how on earth will Lily be able to get him to truly love her when he knows she's a Succubus? Wait, how is she going to get him to believe she's a Succubus in the first place? Introduce a secret society who is trying to uncover the demons and the plot deepens. 

If you are looking for a light hearted paranormal romance which is easy to read it's worth a try. May rove rather tame for some though.

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