Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blog design, changes & delays!

Blog reconstruction work still under way!


Anyone who is a regular visitor to my blog may have noticed that it never looks quite the same twice and that sometimes things look a bit "screwey" too!

I have been redesigning my blog for ages and things just keep going wrong with it! But, I've learnt so much and have enjoyed it a lot :-) I did have a wonderful new design all built and all that on a test blog - but when I tried to get it on here it just did not look right!

Back to the drawing board I went and I think I'm nearly there now. But I apologise for all the times things have been so hard to find or just looked awful!

I mean how hard can it be to get not only the perfect colours and header but a lovely font and a drop down menu???

The finished product will be what I want eventually. I haven't forgotten about the little contest I ran a few weeks back either, I'm having issues with my designing which I want to iron out before I pass their lovely designs over (much less problems than my own!)

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