Friday, 7 December 2012

Winter Solstice Event ~ Welcome!

I am very excited to finally be able to say today is the start of the Winter Solstice Event! Over the next two weeks we have 12 fantastic author interviews and some great giveaways ~ see below for the schedule :-) A huge thank you to all of the authors taking part!

We will be presenting authors from the genres we both blog about, paranormal romance and urban fantasy. Interviews give us a glimpse into the world of the author and give the opportunity to get to know them better - I always want to know more and I know lots of others do too! Some of them are quite well known and it's likely you have at least come across if not read their books others are newer self published but all of them have a fantastic story to tell and a great sounding book(s) to tell us all about!

Eternally Books is jointly hosting the event with Shera of Book Whispers. I am really looking forward to the presenting this event for everyone because I have taken part in so many tours & events and done loads of author interviews & giveaways that it feels excellent to finally be hosting my own event, especially with the excellent Shera as my co-host!

How it works

Just a few words so you know what to expect. Today we are both launching the Winter Solstice event on our blogs - check out Shera's launch post on Book Whispers - then for the next 12 days we will alternate hosting that days author interview & giveaway (Eternally Books starts tomorrow) and finally we have a winners day and finale day!

Look forward to having you join us and learning more about some fantastic authors!

Why the Winter Solstice?

Short answer? It makes a change to Christmas events ;-)

Alternative ~ The 21st December 2012 has long been noted as a day of great potential change. The last day in the ancient Mayan calendar  Some say it means the end of the world, others that it marks a great shift for humanity. Either way it's a powerful date!

Real answer? I wanted to host an event on my blog but was unsure about what or when. The answer came to me one night and relates to the renaissance my blog went through earlier this year. I decided to revive my blog and rename it to mark the start of a new era for Eternally Books. It seemed fitting to theme my event along the same lines! 

A very brief bit about the winter solstice, it is the shortest day and longest night of the year (in the northern hemisphere anyway!). It's passing marks the start of the cycle of renewal of nature. In some cultures the winter solstice is celebrated in many ways. Look out for more over the next few days :-) There are so many ways people in different cultures mark this day, check out the Wikki on Winter Solstice! 

The event schedule (links to author's Goodreads page):

Date:Author:Blog:Giveaway link:
December 7thn/aBOTHnone
December 8thLia DavisEBGiveaway
December 9thAndy MonkBWGiveaway
December 10thA.C WarnekeEBGiveaway
December 11thP.T. MichelleBWGiveaway
December 12thH.P. MalloryEBGiveaway
December 13thWillow RoseBWGiveaway
December 14thSuzanne McLeodEBGiveaway
December 15thS.B. RodgersBWGiveaway
December 16thCeline ChatillonEBGiveaway
December 17thChelsea FineBWGiveaway
December 18thLiz StrangeEBGiveaway
December 19thAmy JoyBWGiveaway
December 20thn/aBothWinners!
December 21thn/aCelebrations!

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