Monday, 21 May 2012

Review: Blood Calls by Caridad Pineiro

Title: Blood Calls
Author: Caridad Pineiro
Series: The Calling #1

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne
Published: 1 May 2007
Source of my copy: I purchased it.

 About the book (from Goodreads)

But for vampire Diego Rivera, Ramona Escobar's sensuality proved even more potent. He "had" to resist--for there could be no such thing as love for him. Five centuries ago Diego had vowed never to turn another with the bite of the undead. And though Diego knew the dark underworld of New York was no place for a human, his unslaked desire commanded that Ramona be his for one night....

But when the artist's life was threatened by a reclusive millionaire who had used Ramona's skills to build a forgery ring, Diego needed to unleash his inner demon to save her. Then he was faced with a choice--lose the woman he loved...or turn her with a vampire's kiss.

My Review

Diego has lived for five centuries but has never met anyone quite like Ramona.  He is very wealthy and has taken to being a patron of the arts, not only does he have a gallery he is also Ramona's patron.  There had to be some way for him to give something back.

Diego has sworn never to turn another into a vampire after seeing what it cost others. When he learns the woman he thinks he might be falling in love with, or is trying to stop himself from doing so, is dying he finds himself in a real quandary - what will he do?

Ramona is an artist who's family circumstances forced her to undertake a job for a millionaire to obtain the money to care for her mother which she would have preferred not to take. She finds herself threatened by the reclusive millionaire who manages to find her weakest spot, her mother. She is attracted to Diego but she won't act on  it because of her illness meaning she does not have long to live, she has no idea of course tat he is a vampire.

The interaction between Ramona and Diego is executed very well through out the story, I like that it is not all just nice and going well all the time!

Blood Calls is a well paced story with interesting lead characters who end up exactly where the reader wants them to by the time they have got to know them! I have the feeling that any other end to the book than that provided would not have satisfied the reader. You'll have to read the book to find out what that is! 

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