Thursday, 17 May 2012

UK v US Cover ~ Hit List

How important is the cover of a book to you?

I'm sure I notice them more because I often see a book I like and go off to buy it, only to find the version I get had a totally different cover. I'm in the UK just in case the blog post title didn't give it away! So I thought I'd start up a feature on comparing UK and US covers (might bring in ones from elsewhere too if it takes my fancy!) (Quick disclaimer, I know this is not original but I can't remember where I've seen it so can't credit!)

This week I am taking a look at Hit List book #20 in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K Hamilton. I'm fairly sure everyone who has been reading in the paranormal genre for any length of time will be aware of this series, this post is about the covers I will not be entering into a how the series has changed over the years discussion!!!

US cover on the left and UK cover on the right!

Which do you prefer?

My first comment is to wonder if I'm even looking at the same book! If it wasn't for the title and author I would never have thought these two covers were for the same book at all!! How do two publishers come up with such different looks for the cover. In the UK the whole Anita Blake series has been re-released with the same red frame style and just the picture different for each book.

I like both covers for this book but they are saying quite different things to me! I like the powerful red heart image on the UK cover, simple and effective, did I mention I like red?

I like the US cover too, seems like we are getting a glimpse through all the yellow. I'd like this cover more if was well less yellow, sorry it's just not my favourite colour (except on flowers!)

Overall then I think I'll go with the UK cover on this one.

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