Friday, 4 May 2012

TGIF (Literary Vacations) & Book Blogger Hop #1

Friday is the day of following, friendship and questions in the book blog world. This week I am taking part in two further blog hops! TGIF is run by Ginger at GReads and the Book Blogger Hop is run by Jen at Crazy for Books. Look forward to getting to meet & know you my fellow book bloggers :-)

Q - Literary Vacations: If you could take a trip this summer to any place within a fictional book, where would you go? Tell us about your summer dream vacation!

A - Where would I go? I think I'd choose to visit  Caldwell and go to meet the Black Dagger Brotherhood and their Shellens.  I kind of feel like I already know the place from rereading the books a tie or two :-)

Q - Are you attending the Book Blogger Convention (aka Bea Bloggers) and/or Book Expo America in New York City in June? If not, will you participate in the online event called Armchair BEA?

A - Me? No I'm not going to be attending the Book Blogger Convntion, but it's kind of difficult for me as I'm in the UK! I hadn't heard of Armchair BEA but I will go and check it out now :-)

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  1. If you have the time I would take part in Armchair BEA its alot of fun. I did that last year.


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