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Guest Post: Forbidden Life playlist ~ Kimberly Kinrade

Today I'm very happy to present a guest post from Kimberly Kinrade as part of the blog tour for Forbidden Fire brought to you by Innovative Online Booktours. The guest post is first, read on down to find out more about the book and ayuthor.

Forbidden Life Playlist

Forbidden Life is my favorite book of the Forbidden Trilogy. It's three times longer then the first two, and it has so many great twists and scenes and characters. Maybe because by the time I wrote this book I had already spent so much time with these characters, or because it wraps up the entire trilogy, I don't know, but I do love it.

It combines the kick ass take down the bad guy energy of Forbidden Fire, and the romance of Forbidden Mind and adds so much more!

There are some really beautiful scenes, and several unusual settings in this book, and there are also several points of view throughout, so each character goes through their own trial by fire.

Drake is on a spiral to his rock bottom, having lost hope in himself and life. He grows a lot in this book, and has to face some hard truths about his own choices. His journey is reflected in such songs as Lithium, What I've Done, Starlight, Somewhere I Belong, and It Will Rain.

Though, to some degree, these songs apply to all of them. Lucy, Luke, Sam, Drake, and a few others all have to look at what they've done in the past and find a way to move forward in their lives. They have to forgive themselves, accept themselves, and embrace the lessons life has taught them before their own guilt kills them.

Sam has a unique struggle in learning to let go of Drake and make her way in life alone. My Immortal and Anther Love Like His are her songs.

There's a really sweet romance blossoming in Forbidden Life between Lucy and IPI Agent Hunter Riley (I loved writing him!) So they have a few love songs, such as Gold Forever and Your Guardian Angel, though these could also work for Sam and Drake as well.

And of course, to end the series, we once again have Lonestar's Amazed.

Here's the Forbidden Life playlist, with HTML code to include the playlist on your site if you'd like.


Evanescence - My Immortal
Bruno Mars - It Will Rain
Evanescence - Lithium
The Wanted - Gold Forever
Muse - Starlight
Lonestar - Amazed
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
Linkin Park - What I've Done
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Your Guardian Angel

Forbidden Life by Kimberly Kinrade-Playlist by Kimberly Kinrade on Grooveshark

About Kimberly Kinrade

I was born with ink in my veins and magic in my heart. As a child, where others saw shapes in clouds, I saw words. But I was also an entrepreneur at heart. So when my business arrangement with the Tooth Fairy ended, I went pro by writing my fantastical stories and selling them to all my neighbors.
Fast forward…um…many years and many college degrees later…and I am now a published author and reformed journalist.
Though I have written in many genres and fields, I am most passionate about the world of the paranormal and fantasy. Look for these exciting young adult paranormal novels from Evolved.

About the Book

The road to redemption begins in darkness. A sinister force waits for them in darkness, ready to devour their powers and take their lives. Sam's baby is the key to a lock that must never been opened. To keep her child safe, Sam will do anything. Drake might have found a way to get his powers back and save his family, but is it too late? Luke and Lucy uncover secrets in an organization they thought they could trust, and the lives of all Rent-A-Kid children are at stake. In this last Forbidden Trilogy installment, the secrets to Rent-A-Kid will finally be revealed.

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