Thursday, 14 October 2010

Review: "Bound By Blood" by Danielle Bourdon & Kimberly Hoyt

Title: Bound by Blood
Author: Danielle Bourdon and Kimberly Hoyt
ISBN 10: 0982831714
ISBN13:  9780982831714

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: 20 September 2010
Publisher:  Wildbloom Press
Website: Danielle Bourdon

** I received an ebook copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**

About the book (from Goodreads)

He was willing to give up eternity to have her, but would he die to keep her?


Prince Sebastian Thorn is known in the vampire world for his protectiveness of mortals, but when he helps the all-too-human Laurel Mayfield escape a stalker, he is unprepared for the humanity and the passion she reawakens in him. Would she want him if she discovered his secret?


Laurel Mayfield is a small-town girl with big-city dreams and a cautious view on men … until she meets Sebastian in a cemetery. Sophisticated, drop dead gorgeous, controlled and chivalrous, he's every woman's Prince Charming, but with a dark edge she can neither understand or resist.


Drawn to each other with inexplicable heat, can their desire survive the truth of his nature, and the scheming vampires that seek his power? When they revisit his past, will she choose the hot-blooded mortal man he once was, or the dark Prince he has become?

My Review

A story of love, attraction and emotion about a mortal woman and a sexy vampire, just right for paranormal romance. Bound by Blood focuses intensely on the developing relationship and love between Laurel and Sebastian, everything else in the story is to illustrate their unfolding tale of all consuming love. We hear the point of view of Laurel and Sebastian, clearly they both love each other with all their heart and soul.

Laurel is an easy character to like, she seems genuine and like someone you might meet where ever you go. That makes Sebastian all the more of a contrast to her. Handsome, sexy and a little distant he is always wonderful with Laurel, he treats her like a princess (or should that be Dutchess?) which makes sense for a man who “died” in Henry V111’s court in the sixteenth century!
Sebastian is a Prince of the vampires, his territory being Europe where of course there are various problems he has to solve and ends up getting injured just as his relationship with Laurel is developing. Even at home he faces a close ally plotting against him which is not full resolved in this book so I’m hoping there will be a sequel!

Laurel wants to see Sebastian as he was when mortal so they travel back to the Tudor era. Once there however he actually is mortal and Laurel is left to find a way to get him back though the portal to their present. Like any good heroine she ins her man and finds a way!

Mortal Sebastian remains in the present, will Laurel choose the man she fell in love with but is a vampire? Or will she choose to keep the energetic and very much alive Sebastian who is out of his time? I’m not going to tell you! Read the book!

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