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Guest post: Scott Nicholson & Kindle giveaway

Today I'm pleased to welcome Scott Nicholson for a guest post as part of his blog tour, I'm sure you've come across Scott in other blogs too.  If you're interested in wining a Kindle make sure you check out how to enter at the bottom of Scott's post!

Albert Shipway: The Interview
By Scott Nicholson

There’s this guy in the novel Cursed! by J.R. Rain and me. We worked through four drafts honing things and tightening J.R’s original vision for the story, and most of the fun came from good old Al Shipway, the insurance negotiator who just happens to have a fondness for the simple pleasures of life. But his pleasures lead to pain when it’s time for a little payback, and a vengeful old lady puts a curse on him.

I’m interviewing him here to find out if he’s up for the job of coming back in a sequel.

Scott: So, Al, why should we read this book?
Al: Well, because I didn’t mean to do those bad things, and it’s kind of my wife’s fault. I mean, if only we’d gone through with the divorce in the first place—

Scott: It sounds like you’re dodging responsibility. I hear that’s a bad habit of yours.
Al: Hey, I’m not the one who lied about being the daughter of a serial killer.

Scott: Always an excuse. But you took the good with the bad, am I right?
Al: What other choice does a guy have?

Scott: The right choice. Sticking to your vows. ‘Till death do us part’ and all that.
Al: Yeah, but that was back when I thought death would be the end of it. Now I know better.

Scott: So, I hear you’ve been introduced to some new ideas and a new way of looking at things.
Al: Yeah. Do you have anything to drink?

Scott: Al. Hasn’t that caused you enough trouble?
Al: I only drink to escape. Is that so wrong?

Scott: Can’t say I blame you. If I had your problems, I’d be in the bottle before noon every day.
Al: Nothing I can’t handle. Tabby, she’s pretty cool, even if her family is weird as heck.

Scott: Well, after what happened to Tabby’s sister—
Al: Man, not you, too. Everybody puts that on me, but it was all my wife’s fault.

Scott: I can tell we’re not going to get anywhere with this conversation. So, what’s next, now that it seems like you danced your way out of a horrible curse?
Al: (flexes biceps) I’m ready for anything. Bring it on.

Scott: Oh, look, There’s a mouse.
Al: (jumping up on chair) Eeek!

Scott: Just kidding.
Al: (looking around warily) I knew that.

Scott Nicholson is author of 12 novels, including the YA paranormal romance October Girls and the thrillers Disintegration, As I Die Lying, Speed Dating with the Dead, Drummer Boy, Forever Never Ends, The Skull Ring, Burial to Follow, and They Hunger. His revised novels for the U.K. Kindle are Creative Spirit, Troubled, and Solom. He’s also written four comic series, six screenplays, and more than 60 short stories. His story collections include Ashes, Curtains, The First, Murdermouth: Zombie Bits, and Flowers.

To be eligible for the Kindle DX or Kindle 3, simply post a comment below with contact info. Feel free to debate and discuss the topic, but you will only be entered once per blog. I’m also giving away a Kindle 3 through the tour newsletter and a Pandora’s Box of free e-books to a follower of “hauntedcomputer” on Twitter. Thanks for playing. Complete details at



  1. LOL That sounds really good. I like the cover :)

  2. Nice teaser. The book is on my TBR list and climbing towards the "To Buy" section.

  3. Hey, Scott, I'm the "little old lady" who lives in Southern California. How did you know I put curses on people?! Darn it, now my secret is out.
    Got the book. It sounds cool, or as the Swiss teenies say "Mega Cool."

  4. Reading "Cursed!" today...
    Scott, count me in for the Kindle please.

  5. HaHa! Al sounds like a very funny and lovable character.

  6. I'd love to read all of Scott's books on my new kindle.

  7. I guess a lot of people are reading about this tour and that's why the library is taking so long to tell me your book is waiting for me!

    Email address is in blogger profile

  8. Nice mixing up the tour with this 'interview'... going to miss this when it's over... but then I can start reading everything Scott's written on my new Kindle...

    Armand Rosamilia

  9. I can't wait to read this one....



  10. Great "interview". Gonna have to read to find out what exactly it is that Al has done - though he won't take responsibility.

    authorjcphelps at

  11. A sequel? Hmm.

  12. It's Monday morning & I'm not feeling witty enough to leave a clever comment. And then I almost type 'cleaver'. I need more tea.
    teawench at gmail dot com

  13. What a character!


  14. Great post. Looking forward to getting Cursed! Hmmm. . . That didn't come out the way I intended. I can't wait to get the book Cursed, not that I want to be cursed.

    PS. I haven't been putting in AT just @ on all my comments so hopefully none have come across as spam.

  15. Cursed sounds like a good read


  16. Liked the teaser. Cursed! is moving up on the "to be read" list.

    dulcibelle [at] earthlink [dot] net

  17. Thanks for the chance to win. bkhabel at gmail dot com

  18. would love to win!


  19. Stalking stalking stalking...

  20. Hey, the fun won't end once the tour is over...I'll just keep it going at my blog. More giveaways, more blabber, more of your wonderful insights (and Writer Babble every Wednesday)

    Gee, my pictures always look sort of goofy


  21. Character interviews: I've never really cared for these, but there are exceptions. This is one of them.


  22. Clever blog post! Looking forward to reading your work!


  23. Great way to introduce us to Al!
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  24. This has been a fun blog tour. It's sad it's almost over ....Tiffypoot @ (

  25. Great Contest!!

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  26. Don't have this one yet will have to get it sounds good.

  27. That was fun, and I guess I better get this one soon.

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  28. Too funny! Love the interview!
    Count me in for a Kindle. ;)


  29. Thanks
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  30. I can;t wait for to read this

  31. Loved the interview!


  32. Thanks for the chance to win!

    kt1969 at comcast dot net

  33. I enjoyed the interview!
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  34. hufflepuffgrl13 at yahoo dot com

  35. Nice interview, I haven't read any of Scott Nicholson's work but the books sound very good. I will be adding them to my wish list and look forward to reading them.

  36. Al sounds like a funny character.

    kissinoak at frontier dot com

  37. Sounds great. This one sounds like one that will make you smile.

    books (dot) things (at) yahoo (dot) com

  38. OK I give up. THIS is my comment. If it doesn't make it through then fine. Losing your witty comments just takes all the life out of a girl. So yeah, Hi Scott!.

  39. Thanks for the chuckle.


  40. All you guys wishing to win a Kindle... dream on! Amazon now allows you to gift e-books as long as you know the person's e-mail address! They can use any of the Kindle applications and they can start a "Kindle library" that is kept at Amazon. All too cool!

    Christa, Mega Cool... I thought that was Greek!(?)

    Reed ya tomorrow, Scott.

    Jeff White....

  41. Thank you for the post

  42. "If I had your problems, I’d be in the bottle before noon every day."

    Well, Scott, I must say I am ALMOST proud of you for ALMOST 'fessing up to your alcohol problem. It takes a lot of strength and nerve to at least saying what you did, even though the casual reader wouldn't see the pain and suffering behind the veiled confession. I, of course, know you so well---and spotted it immediately...and proceeded to OUT you for your own good.

    Having a conversation with a character that you partially created is essentially talking to yourself. And while you talk to yourself ALL of the time, having a printed version of a conversation with "Al"/yourself in an online print form is obviously a subconscious cry for help.

    "I only drink to escape."

    The old adage "write what you know" was never more apparent in your case than it is now. Al is you, his problems are your problems, his drinking is YOUR drinking. And I DO understand all of the drama and sorrow in your life lately... Your new disco group, The Village Idiots, has already broken up--before you ever got into the recording studio and before you ever had any concerts (but AFTER you spent thousands of dollars on leather, spandex and rhinestone-encrusted outfits to wear...many with enough glitter on them to make Rip Taylor jealous!). To top that off, the goat love of your life threw you a blow from out of left field when she ran off with her lesbian goat lover -- making you feel like even less of a virile he-man than you did before and breaking your heart in the process.

    But Scott, drowning your sorrows in alcohol is NOT the answer. I hope that this little talk (and the knowledge that EVERYONE now knows your secret--shameful and scandalous as it is) has helped you in your recovery. Just take it one day at a time, Scott. You CAN do it (and when you are sober again, just think of all the money you'll make cashing in your booze bottles at the recycling center. Ka-CHING! You may even make more than all of your kindle e-book sales for a whole year! Wow!)


  43. Enter me please!


  44. And you said you weren't promo-ing this one! lol

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  45. @Monster--'Rip Taylor'? You're showing your age. Then again, I'll never forget the confetti...

  46. That was clever!

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  47. LOL - love the Teaser there. Looking forward to reading this book.

    calseeor (at) gmail (dot) com

  48. Continuing my chances of winning the Kindle!

    conrad.jd (at) gmail (dot) com

  49. Clearly "Cursed" has got to be on top of my TBR list as it is calling out to me! A couple lady friends and I were talking about crawling in the bottle before noon each day while at gymnastics! Not that that is a main point of the book, but hey, it is what related to me today :) Now only if I drank...nonetheless, the book sounds absolutely wonderful! Can't wait to read it!

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog!

  50. Can't wait to read Cursed!
    Gail in Florida
    cowgirl3000 AT gmail DOT com

  51. okay...I think I'm hooked :)

  52. Sounds good to me! Count me in please.
    iloveegypt602 at yahoo dot com

  53. I'd love to enter!

    Check out my giveaway here:
    Win A Signed Copy of Afterlight by Elle Jasper

    aikychien at yahoo dot com

  54. Amusing post!

  55. Jeff, yeah, we have some sophisticated teenies; they know a few words of Greek?

  56. LOL I love this post. Al seems like a funny and a blame game type of guy. I liked how you took a book character and made him feel like a real person.

    jessangil at gmail dot com


  57. I would LOVE a Kindle DX. Thanks for the opportunity to win one! :)

    P.S. Click on my name for my contact info. ;)

  58. Al is a funny guy. And I bet he's also the cause of all his wife's problems. However we wind up with our Kindle, I look forward to downloading it with all the Nicholson Kindle to PC books. varbonoff22 at cox dot net

  59. Fun interview, Scott! Al sounds like an...interesting...guy.


  60. I'm about 20% in on Cursed and enjoying it!

    emikyking630 at yahoo dot com

  61. sounds like a good read!

  62. That's funny. Thanks for the contests.
    I'll win the Kindle yet.
    slehan at juno dot com

  63. now look, it's not nice to mess with my mind remember i get scared there lots of humor in this book?

  64. Cursed! is still a definite must read...character interview or no.

    jamesemr (at) gmail (dot) com

  65. @inanna Your on to me!

    @monster admitting you have a problem is the first step

    @hodgepodge (sandy) yes Cursed! is more funny than scary. I mean, the evil threat is mice!

    @booksandbane thanks for patience!


  66. It's always the wife's fault!!!
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  67. Love it!

    Joe F.

  68. "Cursed" is on my tbr list!

    purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

  69. Great cover Art sound like a good books .can't wait to read it.

  70. Al sounds like a stand-up guy.

    Twitter: MachineTrooper

  71. Very cute! Looking forward to adding this one as well. Currently reading Speed Dating with the Dead and it's been great.


  72. I enjoyed the post and the blog tour. I look forward to some more interesting posts.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  73. Super post. Thanks for the entry.

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  74. Love your post! :)
    You can reach me at

  75. Please put me down for a Kindle, Scott. Thanks.

    Coscomentertainment [at] gmail [dot] com

    POSSESSION OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIE FIGHT NIGHT (and others) at the Amazon Kindle store. Grab your copies here!

  76. Al sounds like an interesting character -- one who will never fail to get into trouble. And one who will duck the blame no matter what. I look forward to reading it on my new Kindle (hope, hope, hope,)

    Thanks for the contest,
    Greg "The Undead Rat" Fisher

    theundeadrat (@) gmail (.) com

  77. I wonder how many of us would do if we had to honestly face what we have done or not done in the past. Are we really aware of the way people see us and how our actions effect others? Would it make a difference in the way we live our lives in the future?
    Thanks for the giveaway and for the thought provoking posts.

    librarypat AT comcast DOT net

  78. Thanks for the contest!

    brandy_jolene at yahoo dot com

  79. loved the interview style posting .

  80. Congrats! Your books are officially on my Christmas wish list :p

  81. Thanks!
    Emily ebdye1(at)gmail(dot)com

  82. I am so looking forward to this book. Thanks Scott!! Shari

  83. Ha! Al sounds like quite the character...I bet you have fun with him. :)

    sweetbrier at shaw dot ca

  84. Hmmm...this is sounding like something my niece would love. Am I about to be the "cool aunt" for buying it for her?

  85. Following along on the hop and going strong :)

    baychriz at gmail dot com

  86. Hi Scott, I loved your interview with Al. Sounds like a great book and one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
    I am still following you. Got my name on one of the Kindles.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  87. Nice character interview. Something dirty is always outed during those. lol

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  88. 90 comments and entries, thanks everyone! Sorry I haven't responded individually, I have been at the coast away from easy Internet, but I am reading all the comments and I appreciate them. Good luck!

    @Beth, dare to be the cool aunt! We all need one.

    @emily I am honored to pack your virtual stocking (does that sound as naughty as I think it does?)

    JR and I are planning an Albert Shipway sequel. Thanks for your support.


  89. Still following...


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